‘Inter can only sign Paulo Dybala after offloading striker and Jorge Antun lowers agent fee demands’


Italian journalist Fabrizio Biasin has given an update on the conditions that need to be met before Inter can agree a deal for Paulo Dybala on a free transfer.

Speaking to Italian media Calciomercato.it, via FCInter1908Biasin explained that the Nerazzurri need to see another striker leave their team first before they can sign the 28-year-old and then the agent fee needs to be settled with his agent Jorge Antun.

Dybala had at one point looked set to sign for the Nerazzurri, and the tentative agreement is still there, but the Nerazzurri will have to make room in their squad as Romelu Lukaku is set to sign on loan from Chelsea. .

Alexis Sanchez is ready to leave, but that won’t be enough to accommodate both Dybala and Lukaku, so the Nerazzurri need to settle that before signing Dybala, in addition to commissions for his agent Antun.

“Until someone leaves, there is no place for Dybala, who is certainly still an Inter goal,” Biasin explained. “Antun needs to lower their demands slightly from what they are now, otherwise the risk is that they will ruin the deal.”

Regarding the Nerazzurri’s pursuit of Turin defender Bremer, he said: “As far as I know, the negotiation is not a matter of hours or days, it will take some time.”

“Inter continue to have a pact with the player, and based on that the club is calm,” he added.

“Asllani, Bellanova, Mkhitryan, Onana and Lukaku will be Inter players next season,” Biasin said. “The sixth will be one between Bremer and Dybala, maybe both.”

On Edin Dzeko’s future, he said: “I think in his mind a move to Juventus is possible, but I don’t know if the Bianconeri are on the same page.”


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