Hard Money Lenders Arizona offering private loans as low as 7.99%


PHOENIX, October 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In Arizona, and many other states, hard money loans are a way to finance a real estate purchase or development without the many procedural hurdles associated with bank loans. Unlike banks, which focus on a borrower’s ability to repay a loan, private hard money lenders typically look at the value of collateral when deciding to make a loan. This is where Hard Money Lenders Arizona works with its clientele who invest in Arizona real estate, they have funded millions in hard money loans for investors in Arizona. Hard Money Lenders Arizona provides the highest level of service in all aspects of real estate investing, trust/mortgage investing, and investor education. They are driven by service, not sales, and are committed to providing real estate professionals with the tools necessary to succeed.

With the combination of the economic impacts of COVID-19, rising interest rates and rising home prices, millions of Americans are facing challenges finding financing when they need it. need. Due to the recent credit crunch, lenders have strict requirements that disqualify many borrowers from traditional home loans. In response to the unique challenges many Arizonans face, and as a trusted lender in the Valley for over 30 years, Hard Money Lenders Arizona offers private loans starting at 7.99%.

The company was built on the foundation and mindset that just because a person lacks traditional documentation, such as proof of employment and high credit scores, does not mean ‘she should be unable to receive a loan or finance for any real estate. purposes. All specialists employed by Hard Money Lenders Arizona master this mentality, quickly and efficiently, and provide clients with a plethora of knowledge about loan and home buying programs.

You can learn more about Hard Money Lenders loan programs by visiting https://hardmoneylendersarizona.com/.

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